Waste management and environmental care in Pepe Repairs.

PEPE REPAIR, Workshop specializing in sheet, Painting Mechanical and care about the environment.

Our actions are directed:

- Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

- Using sustainable materials

- Reduction of energy consumption

- Reduction of waste and scrap

We take special care in our waste management, in packaging waste in approved cans, the identification code labeling under current legislation of waste, storage, Delivery to authorized agent, environmental documentation required by law and compliance with all registration requirements.

Besides the use of paint “PPG” based on the water and cleaning equipment for degreasing also waterbased, which minimizes the production of waste.

Cleaning products for degreasing with aqueous, nonflammable are more akin to regulating emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and safer for users. All this makes water-based products ideal for the implementation and development of our policies for occupational risk prevention alternative.

All our waste management is done by the company “Safetykleen” service hazardous waste management, cleaning, degreasing of parts and environmental advice for workshops or industries.

We comply with all legal and moral requirements in environmental conservation.

We believe that our work in PEPE Repairs, sustainability and protecting the world; not exclude, bell which are fully compatible.

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We put our two cents…

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