Problems a long time car stopped.

December 4, 2013 in Mechanics, Pepe repairs, Uncategorized by ReparacionesPEPE

Does the little car use can lead to problems?

If you've ever wondered if the little use or bring your car for a long time can be harmful and lead to this unexpected, if you say that and I'll explain possible consequences. Since in some cases the effects of a car stop may be worse unused.

When starting the car, if you have been put in place without a long period of time, You will notice that the car jerks and the engine sounds bad.

Common Faults:

    • Tires: weight they may have been deformed. If you must leave the car standing for a long time, is appropriate to leave the wheels supported on supports that weight distributed properly; and when you go to proceed to use, inflate a little more than recommended.coche-parado-no-uso


  • Air conditioning: activate the air reconditioning occasionally to its components are maintained in perfect condition.
  • Power windows: rust can attack the engine that makes worksr.
  • Refrigeration Circuit: perform an internal washing and flushing to prevent further damage to sleeve, pumps, etc..
  • Motor: is convenient to start the car at least once a month. Prevents piston can get stuck and cause damage worse.
  • Leaks oil: elements to ensure that the pond must moisturize engine by contact with oil. Elements can rupture and cause serious engine problems.


Pay especially close attention to cars sold in time, usually second hand, are apparently perfect, can have the great drawback of standing a long period of time.

Hopefully these tips have resolved your doubts.


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